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lets-mypassion-world asked: torres , hazard , schlieri , hayboeck , vettel :)

OHHHHH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!


well, I was thinking WAY TOO MUCH!

Fuck: Schlieri
Kiss: Hayböck
Cuddle: Hazard
Get drunk with: Vettel

thank you so much! :D♥♥

laws say I can have only one husband. oh damn it. I’m gonna marry ALL OF THEM! hahaha

equiaustria replied to your post “Schlierenzauer, Vettel, Torres, Hilde, Ricciardo :D”
I just had do give you these names :D
oh so you HAD TO? haha :D btw it was the hardest decision ever :((( xd
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equiaustria asked: Schlierenzauer, Vettel, Torres, Hilde, Ricciardo :D

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! do you know how much I hate you right now? no, I don’t. actually I still love you but… :D ♥

okay, let’s get started! I guess I’ll add some explanation xd
Marry: Vettel (because I’m sure he’s a great husband and last time I married Gregor so he is basically my husband right now, you know.. :’D)
Fuck: Schlieri (ehmm.. don’t need explanation)
Kiss: Ricciardo
Cuddle: Hilde
Get drunk with: Torres (1. I want to see him like that 2. we’ll be so drunk that I’ll accidentally kiss, fuck and marry him in one night :’D)

so I’ll have three husbands at the end of this day. how cool is this?

thank you! :D♥♥

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